Astronomy Film Festival, Tiempo Sur 2015

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Next SEPTEMBER 2015, in the Town of Garafía V ASTRONOMY FILM FESTIVAL TIEMPO SUR 2015 between the sea of clouds and the stars. You can follow us in our social networks: facebook & 1429633943_twitter_circle_color-128

The premise which lies behind this film festival is the use, as a seminal concept, of one of the most representative characteristics of the northwest region of the island of La Palma: the undeniable quality of its skies. Garafía, Puntagorda and Tijarafe are rural municipalities adequately linked to their history, culture, traditions, agricultural products and landscapes, but also to their firmament, especially appreciable from these locations thanks to the fact that La Palma enjoys the clearest skies in Spain; the installation and activity of the GRANTECAN at Roque de los Muchachos (municipality of Garafía and crowning peak of the region) testifies to the importance of this treasure. For this reason, it is necessary to adapt the already-existing Festival of Audiovisual Creation Tiempo Sur to an environmental wealth which every day safeguards the dreams of the inhabitants of this region, all the more so if we take into account the global context of a film exhibition market increasingly tending towards thematic reductionism: so it is that year after year, in all parts of the world, festivals of the “seventh art” emerge, centred, for example, on the fantasy genre, educational cinema, the rural sub-genre, or labelled as gastronomical cinema; it is very striking that the adjectives “gastronomical” and “astronomical” share phonemes, thereby allowing a delicious menu to be put together: with good cinema as the main dish, and the sky as an essential ingredient.


  1. To impel on the island of La Palma, particularly in its northwest region, the staging of film and audiovisual arts encounters, not to be understood exclusively as contests or competitions, but rather as opportunities for public screening of local and international works.
  2. To record graphically and by audiovisual means, for their exhibition and exchange, the ethnographic, cultural, natural and artistic values of the region.
  3. To spread the selected materials among the largest possible audience. Ayuntamientos de la Villa de Garafía, Puntagorda y Tijarafe.
  4. To offer spaces for encounter, instruction, and debate among audiovisual professionals, amateurs, and audience. 5. To join together the audiovisual arts and astronomy during a cultural programme specially designed for leisure, public outreach, and instruction. 


  • PEGASUS. A competition for short films with a maximum duration of 10 minutes and a minimum of 3; shot in the northwest region of La Palma; produced, edited, and submitted between May 8th and August 30th; should be inspired by the sobriquet “I’ll never forget to water the stars”. A maximum of 16 and a minimum of 8 works will be selected, according to the criteria defined in the guidelines.
  • POLARIS.  A competition for short films with a maximum duration of 30 minutes; filmed outside the northwest region of La Palma; produced between 2013 and 2015 (prior to the staging of the festival); in accordance with the concept of astronomy films (see postulates). A maximum of 12 and a minimum of 8 works will be selected, according to criteria defined in the guidelines.
  • Projections GRANTECAN. A parallel section consisting of the outdoor nocturnal projection of the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” (Stanley Kubrick, 1968), a title especially representative of the postulates regarding astronomy films.
  • Projections LITTLE TECAN. A parallel section consisting of three films classed by the ICAA (Spanish Cinematographic and Audiovisual Arts Institute) as “Suitable for all ages”: “E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial” (Steven Spielberg, 1982), and “The Iron Giant” (Brad Bird and Warner Bros, 1999), and the short film “La Luna” (“The Moon”, Enrico Casarosa and Pixar, 2011).
  • STAYING UP LATE. Late-night session (shown at around midnight) consisting of 3 episodes of the series “Thunderbirds” (Gerry Anderson and AP-Films, 1965).
  • SESSION 333.  Screening of 3 pieces of 3 minutes duration filmed in the northwest region of La Palma by 3 invited film-makers.
  • LUNAR NIGHT. Screening of the short films “Novilunio” (“New Moon”, Roberto Chinet, 2009), “La Tierra desde la Luna” (“The Earth from the Moon”, Mercedes Afonso, 2001), and “Viaje a la Luna” (“A Trip to the Moon”, Georges Méliès, 1902).


  • Photography: Competition and exhibition of the best photographs taken in the region during the period established by the Organization.
  • Music performances: 2 concerts in the Space-Rock genre.
  • Encouraging reading for the young: with the short novel “El Principito” (“The Little Prince”, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).
  • Trip to Roque de los Muchachos.
  • Round-table discussion about “The northwest region of La Palma as a film set” (with invited specialists).
  • Education in film language for kids.